6 Questions Quants On The Critical Path Should Ask Their Clients

In a previous post, I have given some thoughts on the situation that quants are often on the critical path of  rather complex projects. And that the team members should show that they care and want to help.

But also those who commissioned the project can make or break the result and the dead line - the clients.  When I thought about this relation, I read about this situation in FastCompany. The article is about getting ahead in a career and I am interested in how to make a complex project a success.

However, I compile 6 questions that quants could ask, say, the head of risk management that want their best work and passion, but do not alway know in what mindset quants want to work in complex projects (where they usually are on the critical path).
  1. What's your biggest problem and how can I help to solve it swiftly?
  2. I will compile a few general thoughts and questions digesting this prior requirements - could we make a follow up meeting soon?
  3. I am highly committed to make the deadlines - would you support me to focus on this project?
  4. I like evolutionary prototyping - would it be possible to get feedback from you during the project?
  5. In this complex project we need open innovation -  would you agree that we in-license foundations and tools?
  6. I really want to make the project a great success - do you have any reference projects or is there a person I should talk to who's done great job on one recently?
Remember, on the critical path one day delay at the beginning, because of misunderstanding the requirements, priorities, methodologies, is one day at the very end of the project. The questions will help to get on the right track and who that you are strategic, take initiative, are a team player, ...