UnRisk Is For Small and Medium Sized Institutions and Quant Teams

In Cleaning up finance Mark Buchanan has put a few things under
tiny rays of hope that one day we might get some regulators with real teeth to reform the financial system
First he refers to K. C. Griffin, CEO of Citadel, who advocates breaking up big banks
to encourage the flowering of smaller banks with competitive advantages on the local level (he mentions in particular putting caps on the size of deposits)
Independent of political decisions, we have decided to make Big Systems For The Small. This is part of our brand promise, as reverse innovation and in consequence quantsourcing.

Arming David -  in a market of Goliath able to justify huge spend on risk management how are the numerous asset management teams in small financial institutions to meet regulatory pressure whilst remaining cost effective.

Our promise is two-sided: we support small quant teams with the programming power behind UnRisk and small financial  institutions with our highly automated but agile solutions.

Our decision was based on an experience independent innovators in various sectors have made: Goliath tends to buy from Goliath. 

Arming David has brought as into a great position: we are still independent, financially sound and busting with ideas.