Quants - Distinguish Between Defensive and Profound Skeptic

I am sure, quants know that situation too well. You have got a new big idea, you share it and "ten" stand up with a wordy reply, why it will not work. Skeptics are all around.

Many skeptics are afraid of the new, want to embrace the status quo. They want that you, like they themselves, give up your dream.

Whether it is a new mathematical scheme, a new programming paradigm, about utilizing new computing muscles, … they want to persuade you that it's is too early, too late, too ambitious, not innovative, too risky, …

You should ignore them, certainly.

But there is another kind of sceptic:

The profound sceptic

She has insight into quant finance, your strengths, passions, … She wants you to succeed, but maybe find a constraint, traps, … When she argues, she is taking a risk.

If you counter her openness with shut-down argument you may have missed an opportunity. The better approach is to look onto the problem as she sees it. Take her skepticism and analyze it - do not persuade her that she is wrong, ask her to tell you more about her skepticism.

There is always time to ignore a profound feed back later.

I am long in innovation businesses, and I have to confess: this is not so easy, I have often made it wrong. A little excuse: there are too many defensive and to little profound and generous skeptics.