It Must be a Metrics? Risk ... ?

If you want to assess anything, you want to do this unbiased, thus you search for a metrics. And if it was building tick-boxes.

This reminds me, over 30 years now, we search for software quality metrics? You start with defining the quality features, say, adequateness, approach, performance, robustness, flexibility, readability, usability, maintainability, ... and you see immediately where the head-ache begins. Psychological and not only logical factors are involved.
In commentaries of the popular press you can read about the requirement for risk manangement with "improved" modeling. But it is not that simple?
Think of tick-boxes for a risk metrics: you need to deal with features, like accuracy, level of mathematics, robustness, understandability, flexibility and usability. Some of the metrics will only work in times where they are not so important.
Again, we point out the level of mathematics, the solvers and the implementation techniques used in UnRisk and actively give explanations on strengths, weaknesses, barriers and traps (like with our Model&Method Risk seminar).
And we strive for a performance that allows risk professionals to run portfolios across comprehensive scenarios and get decision support in-time. With UnRisk you can tick the most important boxes: accuracy, performance, robustness, understandability, flexibility an usability and the correct level of mathematics.

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