UnRisk-Q High-Value at Low-Price

Recently, we took UnRisk-Q to the quant community. We made this by configuring and packaging our latest technologies of which our UnRisk product family is made. We decided to transit this benefit to the quant-finance developers. Price examples:

  • EUR 3950 for a single machine version with 4 computation kernels
  • EUR 5625 for a single machine version with 8 computation kernels
  • EUR 12.400 for a network seat and a networked pool of 20 computation kernels
Purchase prices, including 1 year premium service. Excl VAT. Requires the corresponding Mathematica licenses, which are available with the same nr of computation kernels.

Unbelievable? No value without cost? Make the experience with UnRisk-Q's feature-richness, performance and development-comfort. Unbelievable. But real.

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