We take UnRisk-Q to the Quant Community

Our PRICING ENGINE has been introduced 2001. Hundreds of front-office and risk practitioners enjoy immediate results, from instant deal types in the Excel front-end and the robustness from high-end numerical schemes.

We now announce UnRisk-Q a dedicated quant version, which comes with a Mathematica front-end enabling the unprecedentedly quick development of individual derivatives and structures analytics solutions.
Advances Numerical Schemes
UnRisk-Q integrates a numerically optimized C++ engine into Mathematica 7; so that proven models for a broad variety of deal types are tuned by the most advanced numerical schemes and calibrated by advanced regularization techniques. All solvers are described in the declarative Mathematica language. Mathematica also empowers UnRisk-Q with dynamic visualization and comprehensive link technologies for seamless integration.
Grid Utilization
UnRisk-Q on Mathematica 7 has built-in parallel computation. Every copy comes with a foundation of parallelized functions and interactive documents. It comes with 4 computation kernels, which can be easily extended.
Montecarlo with GPU Co-Processing
In the near future, UnRisk-Q will support Montecarlo simulation utilizing GPU co-processors.
What Quants Will Enjoy
Multi-model and -method testing of individual structures, stress tests and what-if analysis, the combination of calibrated model parameters in simulation, dynamic visualization with mini code-effort.
Highest-Value at Low-Cost
UnRisk-Q starts at EUR 3950 excl. VAT; purchase price includes 1 year premium service.
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