Are You ... ? You don't Look ... ?

As often I have a little time I read Emanuel Derman's Blog (as Paul Wilmott's and a few others). ED is one of the most influencing quantitative finance experts, author of My Life as a Quant. I like his special humor.

Early July he wrote on his daily experience about walking in Manhattan. In brief: delivery guys coming along their bicycles have been given the right at any time to regard themselves as either cyclists or pedestrians. (Original ED): when the traffic light is green, they regard themselves as vehicles and ride. When the light is red they define themselves as pedestrians who just happen to have wheels.
This makes me brooding, choose whatever is advantageous? Being a conductor and first violinist in the same concert and claim the honorary on the applause, for which role it is greater?
Shall we as the makers of the UnRisk software regard ourselves as independent consultant, whenever the market shows green or red in any direction?
No, we will never hide our role as UnRisk makers. Our customers know, who they are working with and how our models and solvers work.

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