If UnRisk was a Tall Building

It most probably was the Lake Point Tower by the lake shore in Chicago. Based on a conceptual design by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe , built by Schipporeit&Heinrich.
Because of its height and location on the shore of Lake Michigan, the residential skyscraper had to be designed to withstand the high winds. At the center of the building is a triangular core, which contains 9 elevators and 3 stairways. This core also holds all the vertical weight of the building. Radiating from the core are three arms, which form an asymmetrical Y-shaped floor plan.
Due to the angles between the wings the units of LPT feature some stunning panoramic views over the city, but so that the apartments would not face each other. The design also offers less surface area exposed to direct wind loads. Consequently the building is more stable and generally safer.
It does much more than expected from a first view.

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