No, UnRisk is Not for "You"

You know the situation of a post concert, film, novel reading .... discussion with a group of participants in the near cafe ... everybody critical in some details but really pleased with the event in general ... but one speaking with a sharp tongue: no, this was not compatible with what I find good?

This might happen in a seminar ... and of course in a sales cycle.

Is it possible to improve your system defining my own domain specific language constructs, linking it to my own models and substitute your methodology with my solvers and techniques?

Technically our system is really open and flexible - but we have put significant effort in creating something important.

We have organized deal types, models and methods orthogonally in order to support scenario runs for model validation ... and we do not select models/methodologies automatically.
But some things have been designed and redesigned carefully as result of closed feed-back loops with our customers ... things were cut out because they proved toxicity ... important things are of-a-piece optimized for reliability and robustness.

For those, who do not agree to those principles - where our work matters - the message from us is clear: "No Sorry, UnRisk is not for 'You'".