The Pain of Paying

Recently I read this in Dan Ariely's Blog. We are not in mass production and consequently this is not so relevant for us.

But I found that we made some decisions intuitively right and not to remove this tiny barrier our licensing/pricing will even more emphasize on simplicity in the following sense

  • universality - we do not follow a kind of tool boxes approach. UnRisk or UnRisk FACTORY will have universal and detailed features for certain target groups.
  • performance and use packages - a certain number of computational kernels (in parallel) and concurrent users (of an API or web front-end) packaged in one price. The number of minimal computational kernels will grow with the state of the art in computing and and the development of the heterogenous CPU/GPU architectures
  • simple yearly license prices - including our comprehensive premium services, with a minimum arrangement of 5 years
This (minimum admin cost) together with our cost saving core technologies allow us for offering the lowest prices for high values. 

If you take our UnRisk FACTORY Capital Manager (includes the UnRisk VaR universe) with 12 computational kernels and 4 concurrent web users - it will be less than EUR 30.000 / year (3 months cost of one users?). This price will include our full services and free updates.

Move into a next package? Get a new license key and pay a new price.