Up to 11 - the Micro-Multinational

The industrial revolution gave us mass production and factories. They became continuously automated and flexible. Flexible automation in software seems to be much easier, but it becomes more complex when operating massive data and crunching tons of numbers - together.

However, flexible automation has one major objective: mass customization. And yes, this is simpler dealing with immaterial goods by immaterial factories.

It is the driving concept behind our UnRisk FACTORY: mass customization. On the mid run it will support DIY finance? For all kind of market participants.

We are highly committed to enable small financial institutions acting as "micro-multinationals" - with the power to impact markets globally, but operating out of a "server room"?

How do we understand? We feel ourselves as a micro-multinational.

We have customers world-wide, but we act directly from our headquarter - a science park. Our customers always know where to find us and who they are working with, we deliver in time and respond quick-and-competent  ...

 Yes, we are passionate about new, generic technologies, but some might call us old-fashioned in our business principles .. we turn our ethical, managerial and technical standards up to 11 - good is not enough, we involve all possible senses, when interacting with market participants, especially customers and partners, we are independent and want to stay forever ....

To download a FACTORY is not as simple as to download a book or of a piece of music - but you can also download stuff for explorative, constructive learning and we have put enormous efforts to make the support much more explorative: our UnRisk FACTORY produces an interactive log document from all user actions. If users send this documents we run it and know immediately what happened .... and telling our users we close a feed-back loop of learning again ...

If we think this mass customization (or even mass personalization) further, knowledge will become THE source of differential advantages of (financial) market participants?