Forget "Strategic Alignment" in Complexity Economy

Strategic alignment (of business processes)? Whatever the business purpose is - align your organization to deliver on that purpose (but this definition is far from settled). However, it usually leads to a one-size-fits-all approach for an organization from human resources to information technologies.

But does this really make sense in a complex world, like complexity economy and finance?
IMO, the answer to a complex world is co-evolution.

Take technology infrastructures - they align us as we align them. In First We build the Tools - Then They Build Us. I have outlined that the technology we provide does influence the processes,say, of investment and risk management - the selection and allocation of instruments and risk positioning.

The tools we use to develop our technologies influence our positioning and strategies. Our self-disruption (newUnRisk) is one of the responses to new technologies, from new programming paradigms to computing muscles, from better interaction patterns to smart devices.

We want to become perfect in serving customers individually whilst driving generic technologies. This needs to close feed-back loops but become much more open an reactive and not slaves of focus groups.

Our brand promise especially to small market participants: working with UnRisk shall help to conserve capital, set the stage for successful decisions, leverage technology, build quant finance skills.

Only if our customers host UnRisk as an enabler, evolving to their needs but not convincing a predetermined plan ... only if they care, we have done it right.

This post was inspired by the post: "Strategic alignment" - profoundly or platitude? in the insightful Eight to Late Blog.