One To One

A marketing exercise falls essentially into two phases: a strategic phase identifying the opportunities and how they will be approached and an operational phase concerned with the tactical levels.

Market Strategy. If you are a financial giant, you develop your markets. If you are a comparatively small outfit, tasks are essentially: market segmentation, market segment selection for leadership, positioning on the value price map and identification or development of the differential advantages of your offering.

Then you derive your marketing mix with the "4 P's" - product - place - price - promotion ... and so on.

This is the - insightful - recommendation of the marketing schools.

But even this approach of focussing follows the rules of pitching products to the greatest number of clients and actors as possible - in any given market the most money is made by the market leader?

We, at UnRisk, said from the very beginning: technology allows us to sell variations of the same products to fewer clients and actors - this is far more effective than sell a product to more people.

Software is perfect for this paradigm shift.

Our commitment: we serve customers individually, whilst driving generic technologies. Our customers do not only have special combinations of our UnRisk products, but they have also individual versions (with additional deal types, analytics treatment, utilities, ..). But they always stay compatible with future components, versions and releases.

Years later, we understood that this is called one-to-one marketing. It leads to long lasting partnerships with your customers and a trustable business. The 4 P's turn into solution - access - value - education.

One-to-one marketing drives our business. It prevents us from getting locked into a repetitive and unproductive technological arms race.