The IKEA Effect

We made a few fundamental decisions recently - packaging a system that is a solution and a development platform in one. This decision will influence our own development style and plans more than one might think. Even quicker and more flexible in development and even better results.

Time now for me to read more about general behavior of market participants ....

Dan Ariely'a Blog, The Ikea Effect. A video of a series of examples of  A Beginner's Guide to Irrational Behavior.

People love to buy products that they need to finish to use them - semi finished products.

With software products we usually expect: solution or development system: We decided to deliver both in one. But not to take advantage of the IKEA Effect - the AND Effect is a real benefit for our customers. Solution users who want to enhance and expand, a well as system developers who want to utilize a solution.

 What the UnRisk FACTORY is for investment and risk managers is the equivalent of, say, a gear factory for production and quality manages. With the UnRisk-Q combination they can post-process the results or pre-process by, say, composing portfolios and produce and test them in an automated "factory".