Risk-Quant Sourcing - The New UnRisk FACTORY

About a week ago, I have presented our commitment delivering a combination of our flagship solution, UnRisk FACTORY, and development system, UnRisk-Q, in one here.

Now (after a quick decision), I am pleased to announce that we take a bundle of UnRisk FACTORY, its VaR Universe and UnRisk-Q to financial institutions for building and running advanced, individual risk management processes with extremely low effort (see our press info).

The FACTORY/VaR solution will be configured for a networked pool of core processes - starting with 40 computational kernels computing in parallel. The package supports 16 concurrent users.
UnRisk-Q for the development and runtime of individual add-ons starts with 8 computational kernels.

Core and user extension packages are available. For a web integration of the individually built add-on we offer webUnRisk.

The unprecedented attractive license package is comprehensive: yearly licenses including our premium service package with services, free updates and a free home use license UnRisk-Q.

The new package will BE the new UnRisk FACTORY.