We Bundle - Undismayed by Psychological Risk Factors

According to the latest marketing research bundling can become bad for business. Customers may pay more for a single item than a combination with another - a bundle. It is in our heads. Psychologists call it categorial reasoning - the cheaper part of the bundle pushes its price down?

We bundle - undismayed .... Not that we do not like to make one buck or two ...

After 11 years experience with different clients, actors, transformations, ... I now understand in depth: combining a development platform with a solution does not only provide more efficiency and flexibility - it drives advanced processes by removing complexity concurrently.

If the FACTORY is enhanced by developments atop UnRisk-Q or if UnRisk-Q utilizes the FACTORY makes a big difference - but it is based on the same platform and tools.

And it is organized orthogonally. Whilst UnRisk-Q programmers enjoy manipulating financial objects, models, simulation from a high-level financial language, FACTORY users enjoy its broad coverage, integrated valuation and data management and automation with an enormous throughput.

The throughput is empowered by a blazingly fast engine: the FACTORY-embedded UnRisk-Q. Consequently, the FACTORY and the extra UnRisk-Q produce identical results. Automation in the FACTORY is built by high-level tasks with time stamps.  The extra UnRisk-Q comes with link tools to the FACTORY data base. So, in this bundle UnRisk-Q inside and outside the FACTORY.

This little "trick" makes the bundle so powerful, that we decided to further develop atop it. In a kind of co-evolution of general and individual features.

This enables our customers to build individual quant finance systems utilizing a bank-proof risk analytics factory or enhance it individually.

Enough reason to risk disadvantages from categorial reasoning.