A Guide to Bad Arguments, Faulty Logic, And Silly Rhetoric

This should be the first Physics Friday, but Michael is at a partner meeting in England.

I feel, I can only fill it with an off topic post and about something a physicist would never do.

It is in the frame of a hot topic: the exponential growth of online communication. I would like to discuss in hundreds of groups ... but it is impossible. So I need to select and I do more reading than writing.

However, in times of the acceleration of everything, rapid communication is a consequence. With some unintended side effects. I am sure you have been witness to some strange arguments, fallacious logic, ....

This is an ironic recommendation to become a bad-arguments master, or a learning piece to avoid: Now More Than Ever, You Need This Illustrated Guide To Bad Arguments, Faulty Logic, And Silly Rhetoric.

From the "straw man" to "affirming the consequent". It's a timeless topic.