Why We Did Not Install A Service Desk

To answer this question I am lucky - I just need to link to An ABSERD incident - a service desk satire the latest post of "Eight to Late". It is pointed but describes the core problem. How to make services effective and efficient.

When we launched UnRisk, we walked through such pathological cases and decided to never provide a service desk.

The head of our service team is Michael Schwaiger, UnRisk Product Manager and chief developer of the UnRisk-in-Mathematica layer. He transforms practical cases into the UnRisk programming language. This language constructs are called by all UnRisk valuation and data management services. Consequently Michael conducts all comprehensive testing. He thinks, like our over 1000 users,

So, Michael is the one who will be called by the user. He does not need to escalate a problem to a next level, but delegate to the service team. The service team? Developers themselves.
I want to solve problems before others answer a call
How is this possible? I let Michael speak: Some Questions Can Be Answered Before Asked.
This is how the UnRisk Language looks like: A Barrier Option.

But it is not only derivatives valuation. Our UnRisk FACTORY provides comprehensive portfolio across scenario simulations. If any problem occurs a log file in the UnRisk language is produced automatically - it replicates all actions. Because it is executable in UnRisk. Michael usually needs a few minutes only to detect the problem. He speaks UnRisk fluently.

The ABSERD scenario will never happen with UnRisk. That's a promise.

Picture from sehfelder