Agenda 2014 - Package and Disseminate Know How

2013 - we release(d) UnRisk 7 and UnRisk FACTORY 5 (in a few days) and we celebrated 11 years of UnRisk. Along our brand promise - quantsoucing - we bundled the UnRisk FACTORY/VaR Universe with UnRisk-Q.

Having packed 15 years of experiences into the transformation of mathematical schemes from complex technical systems into finance, Andreas and Michael have written A Workout in Computational Finance - recently published by Wiley.

newUnRisk pre release is in use.

CVA/FVA/DVA the UnRisk way

CVA/FVA/DVA fairer pricing or accounting VOODOO?
To make the CVA/FVA/DVA module the UnRisk way, we have uncompromisingly rebuilt the foundation. A first solution will be taken to financial institutions at the Begin of Q3 2014.

2014 - even more views behind the curtain  

2008 we have established the UnRisk Academy, offering all kind of consultancy and educational events going far beyond product application workshops and trainings.

But after the release of the book we will provide full explanation on the essence, benefits and limits of advances numerical schemes in special workouts. For quants who want to enjoy the freestyle of  quant work, but staying strong and agile relying on solid foundations.
This will be the start in London. But we will offer Workout events as a reference class of the UnRisk Academy in other places and on site.

Recently we have introduced the mathematics Wednesday and the physics Friday here.
Begin Apr 2014 we will release the first issue of the online UnRisk Magazine. With even more insight into the making and using of UnRisk - but also our opinions to general ideas and trends.

newUnRisk the new foundation for UnRisk solutions and unleashed

newUnRisk cores are indispensable for new UnRisk applications (like the VAs). After the hard tests, we will unleash it. Featured partners will get pre releases for special applications.

It is our strong belief that the coming context age requires new concepts, technologies and know how. Small and medium sized market participants need them big - but affordable.

This is what will drive us in 2014. To establish fair partnerships will become even more important - focussing on know how packages.