Thinking - To Make Decisions, Solve Problems and Predict

John Brockman, edited the "Best of Edge" book: Thinking - The New Science of Decision-Making, Problem-Solving and Prediction. At Amazon it will be released on 29-Oct-13.

Thinking presents original ideas by leading psychologist, neuroscientists, and philosophers. Contributing authors are Daniel Kahneman on the power/pitfalls of human intuition, Nassim Nicolas Taleb on the limitations of statistics in guiding decision-making, Daniel Gilbert on desire, prediction and why getting what we want doesn't always make us happy, and more.

I have read one or the other books/papers of  a few of the contributors, but preferably NN Taleb (Fooled by Randomness, Black Swan, Antifragility), who has a strong relation to finance.

In The Big Joke of Big Data I have argued against the new hype that wisdom, knowledge, models and rules can be automatically extracted from data., and that there is now better way.

Whatever the exabyte age will serve, thinking will not become outdated.

Predictive modeling is about developing models that forecast.

In finance, such systems must be intelligent combinations of mathematical problem-solving, heuristic modeling and data driven methods.

Consequently, we are interested in the mysteries of rational thought, intuition, decision-making, problem-solving, predictions, unconscious behavior, and beyond.