Apple Rolled Out New Things You May Buy?

First up: we make UnRisk cross platform and platform agnostic. But we also recognize that there are events, where virtually incremental improvements are giving new directions.

This Tuesday Apple announced "a few new things".

Mac Book Pro with Retina Display

With 5 configurations to choose it can be a difficult decision? The 15-inch Book, with a 2.3 GHz quad-core processor, 16 GB memory and 512 GB flash storage on board should be a great machine to take UnRisk-Q where you are.

iPad Air and Mini

The fifth-generation iPads. iPad Air is a great light portable front-end device for the UnRisk-FACTORY. But we have already brought mathematical schemes to previous iPad generations that are used in the Portfolio Composer of Credit Suisse Private Bank Financial Advisory to explain complex financial concepts to non experts.
The new generation will run them even faster and display dynamic visualization better.

Mac Pro

It shall be taken to the market end of this year. Mac Pro looks like a major step in processing power, memory, storage and extensions. A great  machine for developer teams and resulting solutions atop UnRisk-Q. It will come with new-generation Xeon Processors with up to 12 Cores and ultrafast memory up to 64 GB.

We will have a close eye to this new developments when optimizing newUnRisk. The new requirements with Monte Carlo VaR, CVA/FVA/DVA and other comprehensive simulations force optimized mathematical schemes but also powerful machines.