2014 - Changes in the Regulatory Architecture

The recent issue of the Wilmott Magazine there is a farewell 2013 - what will 2014 bring article, where various financial experts and market participants express their views.

In general the prediction is: moderate economic growth.

The reasons span from grand bargains driven by cryptocurrencies, over excess cash forces, growing venture capital investments, better data, better news and sentiment analytics .. to better regulatory influence.

I pick the regulatory almanac presented by JWG an independent regulatory analyst (this is relevant to our offerings).

Their view on key events 2013 (compiled by me))
With no fewer than 70.00 pages of regulation, and some record fines, 2013 will be a year to remember for many financial service professionals. Regulator's fines are getting bigger, but their targets are getting smaller, regulation came to the buy side, regulation is an iterative process, regulators get serious about data, ...
and key themes of 2014
With new arrivals of big names 2014 is set to be another eventful year in the regulatory space. Regulators will get technical, regulators are going to get personal, we will hear the word "growth" a lot, for the buy side the combined impact of MiFID, EMIR and AIFMID will mean a restructuring of the industry …...
UnRisk was also asked (as a technology provider). We took our 2014 Agenda and elaborated motivations and plans in more detail. With the key message: even more openness.

Summarizing our agenda: apply and unleash the new foundations for new complex applications (partially forced by regulation); explain who they work and why they are selected.

If regulators, as well as auditors, want to get more technical, we are pleased to partner. But in our core business model is: arming Davids by providing know-how packages that help them to optimize their risk and work in compliance with the regulatory architecture.

Picture from sehfelder