UnRisk's Seventh Voyage through the UnRiskVerse

About 8 months ago I wrote about Stanislav Lem's fables in his Short Story Collections. Fables that are written in a grotesque form combining fiction and satirized science.

The Star Diaries are a collection of short stories about the character of space traveler Ijon Tichy, whose interplanetary experiences are chronicled.

In The Seventh Voyage Ijon Tichy is forced through a series of time vortices, creating a multitude of temporal copies of himself.
It was Monday, I was cursing in the vicinity of Betelgeuse …. 
the story begins.

It is about Ijon Tichy and his Monday me, Tuesday me, Wednesday me, … copied from each other in time convolution. It became really weird when he met the Friday me on Wednesday …. when they met all packed in a small cabin, nobody knowing who is who and how they shall work together to fix a problem, one cannot fix alone.

Finally, Ijon Tichy had an idea: the oldest among them shall start telling the story of his life and so on … He ended up being alone again with a full repair of the problem and asking himself whether he had just forged the story?

We, at UnRisk, have decided to extend curators for Monday to Friday posts chronicling our inter theme experiences while traveling through the UnRiskVerse and beyond.