One Reason Why We Serve Competition

It began 1997 with a workshop for a London based trading desk of a large American bank.

The problem: they did not find an adequate pricing tool for convertible bonds with exotic contract features at the market. At this workshop Andreas Binder proposed a method known from complex technical system solving (Adaptive Integration) on the fly.
They trusted in our abilities and asked us to conduct a project starting with an experimental prototype. From that point we built the UnRiskVerse.

Nov-2001 we took the first UnRisk to financial institutions. We had a system, a positioning and a process for growths and a market that already existed was our friend.

Competitors did already explain that quant finance technology is important to master the complexity of financial deals.

And we find co-operation drives innovation better than competition.

Markets that get great solutions from different sources grow faster than others.

This is the reason why we search for competition and serve competitors if they want.

It may start with a one day UnRisk Academy workshop explaining the pros, cons and traps of advanced numerical schemes, come to a purchase of UnRisk-Q, the programming power behind UnRisk and may lead to the combination of the UnRisk FACTORY and UnRisk-Q as platform for automated and customizable risk management processes.

Arming our competitors is not a mistake. It is good for the market and consequently for us. I is part of our Open Innovation strategy.

Picture from sehfelder