Industrial Mathematics and Europe

Some weeks ago, I attended the meeting of the ECMI council in Limerick. I will represent Linz for the next 4 years in this council.

(It was my first time to travel to Ireland, and I came to the prejudice that the beer in Ireland is much better than the weather.)

King John's castle in Limerick. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons.

ECMI, the European consortium for mathematics in industry was founded in the mid-80's of the last century by a handful of university institutes doing industrial mathematics, among them: Oxford, Eindhoven, Kaiserslautern, Bari, Linz. Currently, ECMI members come from 18 European countries.

ECMI promotes mobility of students and researchers and the cooperation on research projects with industry. In my personal CV, ECMI plays a prominent role:
  • I attended the first ECMI modelling week (Bari, Italy, 1988.)
  • My very first publication appeared in the ECMI newsletter (1990).
  • The good contacts between ECMI members were the informal foundation for my visiting researcher position at the Oxford Centre for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (OCIAM) in 1991 on the basis of a Kurt Gödel grant.
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