Working With Scientific Scouts Who Talk About Their Work

Working with young people is a priceless gift (beware, being over 65, I find 35 still young). In our environment those young people have usually decided to swap an academic career with a commercial job.

They are energized by the motivation to explore new things and take actions pushing quantitative finance into a better direction. They are mathematicians, physicists and computer scientists.

Still like scientific scouts but wanting to transform their knowledge into margins.

Making collaborative generosity the norm

In my understanding, management is to achieve your goals through your teams. And an indispensable driving force for innovation is co-creation and co-operation. We, at UnRisk, put energy in communication with the teams and our fear of shifting the status quo is much bigger than the fear to lose time in communication.

Scientific scouts do talk about their work, news and views

Scientific scouts are taught to attack complex problems and describe the good work they did. Their clarity. Not so much about themselves and their process. Their confidence.

In one of the recent team meetings, we decided that more team members will contribute to the blog. Each monday (beginning with the 17-Mar-14) one of them will post about software engineering, data management, critical implementations, the UnRisk Financial Language, use cases and what have you, looking through the lens of mathematics, physics and computer science.

It is my strong belief that the world needs more curators, and not from "usual places". They shall combine medium collection with own views and experiences. Curators hopefully create values. We hope you will enjoy the extended team of curators and their posts.

Picture from sehfelder