A Promise for 2013 - Quant Sourcing for the Small

Predictably, strict new rules by regulatory bodies will force small market participants to apply big changes in valuation and risk management. Sometimes I even have the feeling regulators focus on the small, because they are easier to control than the big names.

This is one of the reasons why we have introduced UnRisk FACTORY Capital Manager - and it became our fastest growing product. In Dec-12 it was selected by three comparatively small capital management firms.

And we are highly committed to continue offering kind of "Quant Sourcing" to this market segment in 2013  - as a promising new way to promote their progress in advanced financial engineering and risk management.

The UnRisk option for small financial institutions aims at

  • Conserving their capital - by step up licensing and pricing offers and low total cost of ownership by supporting minimalist but powerful infrastructure, sometimes shared by business partners, like the capital management firm and their depot bank ...
  • Set the stage for success quickly - we offer co-project management from the beginning and support customers with platform and market data set-up. Our introductory workshops are on-the-job in the sense that concrete portfolios and scenarios are set up and easy to copy (clone). Upload tools enable them to organize "smart portfolios" quickly.
  • Leverage technology - provide high level tools that enable non programming experts to extend the solution with customized analytics, decision support and reporting. Thus tools are identical with the core programming power behind UnRisk - UnRisk-Q
  • Build quantitative finance skills of their financial experts - we deliver know-how packages with full views behind the model-method-implemetation curtain and the UnRisk Academy offers special courses that go far beyond product use trainings

So, if you want, we act as kind of quant team for small financial institutions delivering a solution and insight into advanced analytics developed to support modern capital managers, addressing challenges of valuation, portfolio analytics and risk management. In short, we feel responsible like being a "department" of those customers .....