Do I Remember?

Today a year ago, where stood I, what do I know now that  I didn't …?

  • Open innovation, gaining and sharing knowledge, partnering and unleashing the programming power behind UnRisk will became a major driver of our business
  • Risk management has no size and reverse innovation - deliver big-system-for-the-small first - is a success factor
  • The name of newUnRisk will be UnRisk
  • Cross-polination is indispensable - mathematics cross-sectoral, from blast furnaces and telescopes to structured financial products experiences enabled us making UnRisk engines blazingly fast and implementing powerful mathematical schemes on smart devices
  • Our sales principle is called Insight Selling - serve customers individually whilst driving generic technologies, generalize requirements of many customers, sell solutions, know-how packages and development environments.
  • Market regimes will bring normally distributed short rate models to life again - and that the worst kind of pricer is one that does not process negative interest rates
  • (Markowitz') Diversification does not work - because correlations change with market dynamics. The worst type of optimizer ...
  • The Happy Birthday to Us (11 Years of UnRisk) event did not only pay by the distinguished speakers and delegates it helped us take our organization into the future - we know it, mathematical-finance difference does matter, as well as implementing HPC in minimalist infrastructure ... but it was great to see it live
  • Our decision: building systems of loosely coupled interacting modules will help to avoid the Tight-Integartion Trap (the danger of tightly coupled complex systems)
  • The complex CVA/DVA bilateral treatment in risk management and pricing are computationally so demanding that the valuation engines need to be inherently parallel
  • UnRisk-Q on Mathematica 9 seats will now support eight computational kernels (instead of 4)
In general, I am pleased that we are now connected to more people who care about our offerings and work. Chief Executive Buyers ....