Smarter Information - Smarter Users

We are providers of technologies that enable users to do things that cannot be done without, but also automate tasks - in the complex environment of quantitative risk management.

It is my strong believe that changing technologies also require changes in information and disclosure policies. This is the reason for our open information policies with full explanations of how and not only what. This is why we established the UnRisk Academy - packaging know how.

No, we do not only inform to be better heard in a world that is increasingly "noisy" - customers and users are constantly getting information that is important but may be hard to navigate and understand.

Our "betters" are only valuable, if understood and applied adequately. And we have (selected and made) a technology that supports the knowledge exploration process - UnRisk.

UnRisk-Q's declarative, domain specific front-end (click at the "Usage at the Mathematica Front-End" Screencast)  does not only support high-level programming of customized solutions, but the development of courseware built of interactive documents - we inherit this capabilities from Mathematica, that is not only used as platform for complex solutions, but also in education - with unprecedented capabilities for explorative, constructive leaning.

One effect is the interactivity of the UnRisk-help - you can valuate, ... in the help system. But also UnRisk Academy courses have hands-on parts that follow this paradigm.

This is also the reason why the Book buyers are entitled to use software examples ...

We find interactive courseware the most important part of the most powerful learning arrangements.

And we will constantly replace promotion by education.