Anybody as Smart as Everybody?

You know Andreas, Michael A, Michael S, Sascha and me (authors). You know our distinguished partners and featured customers Grant, Guillermo, Michael S, Rolf, Stefan, Wolfgang and their innovations, summarized here.
Andrea, Andreas, Anita, .. and all the other UnRiskers, as well as dozens of partners and featured customers were not introduced explicitly....

But they are not "behind". They are actors, as we are.

We have set up an innovation culture in which new products, technologies, and directions are freely generated by the "many" - bottom-up and outside-in. We rely on internal markets of ideas and discuss them with partners and featured customers in early stages.

We want to be an organization in which ideas and people prosper.
I have worked in a top position (factory automation software) at a large industry and having started my own business I worked with many research and business partners, but this is a new experience to me. The results are amazing - and  I am proud that I could contribute to its development.

Maybe it sounds "political"?, but we democratized information.
Scrapping the pyramid?
It starts with being a consortium of 2 completely independent companies working from the headquarter like one firm with partners world-wide ... and we have introduced management with enough control to operate as a responsible business, and enough flexibility to unleash new ideas across the organization.

Here to innovate, is not a promotion trick - it describes our organization.

And when I post about our general/detailed approaches, techniques, ... you read about ideas from Andrea, Andreas, Anita, .... Grant, Guillermo, Stefan, ...

 As quant finance people, we think in terms of portfolios of ideas with options and futures ... (on idea markets) ... and one of the risks is to manage them too early (or too late)?
It is fun and it is successful.