Kill Your Idols?

Kill Yr Idols is a little album of the alternative rock band from NY City: Sonic Youth. 
I like music from John Adams to John Zorn across many genres. Especially when it has experimental cores. My little iPod stores now about 20.000 single titles and I play them on my Geneva Sound System XL (If UnRisk was a Sound System ....).

When discussing questions like "from the ashes of Joy Division rose New Order ..." you get some feeling on the innovators and original composers and players (they reinvent, reformat, ..)

There are Idols that Kill Innovation? In general an increasing number of (scientific) contributions, in many fields from neuroscience to management, seem to summarize: work on your own ideas, not that of your advisors ... or even more provocative: think more - read less.

In didactics they propagate the paradigm shift from teacher- to learner-centered learning arrangements and yes, I am also a fan of explorative, constructive, del-paced ... learning.

But why so black and white (again): go it alone versus rely on advisors?
It still makes sense to write and read innovative books attend courses, ... but it makes a lot of sense to use interactive systems, interactive helps, courseware, ... to experiment, explore and construct your knowledge and  fitness for making good decisions.

In quantitative risk management a simulation branch shall provide you with a comprehensive (smart) portfolio-across-scenario explorer. As a kind of a virtual lab to better understand risk in the frame of complex what-if conditions. But why reject the knowledge hat has been built in financial engineering, trading, risk management, mathematical finance ...?

If the technology is right it supports solutions as well as education (Smarter Information - Smarter Users).

But, if I read about algorithmic trading and trading rules, I ask myself: what innovation do they stimulate and convey - if applied on and on by "everybody" ....?