Create More Value Than You Can Capture

suggests Tim O'Reilly the media CEO and web visionary who has often spotted the future coming before the rest of us.
We are a comparatively small outfit and we build our principles from experience and original thinking - but we also listen to the great minds. We do not always agree, but in this case we really do.

What does it mean to the UnRisk compass?

First, we are here to innovate, and we create open innovation for quantitative risk management in small financial institutions. This is the reason why we deliver solutions but also unleash the programming power behind UnRisk.

Second, we like to market ideas instead of products. Working with UnRisk customers shall set the stage for successful investment and risk management, build quant finance skills, leverage technology and conserve capital.

Third, we want to deliver technologies that are enablers. We do not like black boxes, undocumented side effects, opaqueness ... we strive for delivering know-how packages that enable the development of (even competitive) quant finance systems. The UnRisk Academy supports developers with far-beyond-product-training courses, workshops and reviews.

Oh yes, we make money, but we do not focus on it.