A Brand Promise

IMO, a brand is not only a collage of design items, artworks and messages. It's a promise. It is about expectations, permissions and knowledge.

It is the permission to deliver to groups who care and who would miss us, if we were out of the market. We might lose a sales case or even a market segment, but nobody can take away our knowledge, experiences and the commitment to share them.

The most exciting thing we inherit from the shifts into a connection economy: even as a comparatively small outfit we are able to stay independent and be successful without overdoing ...

Our brand promise is crafted at the top management level. Andreas Binder, UnRisk CEO, gave a short talk on how it is transformed into principles and success factors - at the 11 Years of UnRisk event.

The UnRisk brand promise? 
Quantsourcing - create open innovation for risk management in small financial institutions.

Arming David needs a family of products, services and know-how packages that are reliable and robust, easy to use and manage. The systems behind must be really big.

UnRisk buyers get 70 person years work for the fraction of a professional's yearly cost. They can manage risk even when they sleep ...