You Always Know Where To Find Us ...

On the picture you see the building we act from. It is part of the science park of the Johannes Kepler University of Linz, Austria.  Our headquarter.

The UnRisk offices are at the fourth floor (left/top). Andreas' office provides a breathtaking view of the rolling hills which range from Linz far into Bohemia. And so does our meeting room where our customer/partner and internal meetings take place, as well as seminars of the UnRisk Academy.

We are embedded in an Industrial Math Cluster with 90 researchers.

Our customers always know who they are working with and where to find us and the connection with the industrial math cluster enables us to co-evolute on the basis of the latest cross-sectoral mathematical schemes and to transform them into know-how packages for our customers.

Teams in this building and us have solved challenging problems in steel production, adaptive optics, combustion engines, plastic extrusion and injection ... I wrote about Blast Furnaces and Mathematical Finance and Telescopes and MF and they have things in common.

The server room of this building hosts our cluster and the machine infernal which we utilize for hybrid CPU/GPU developments and tests. Knowing now into the deepest wires how to manage them we make UnRisk inherently parallel to support computing muscles that might outperform our powerful machine by far.

Andreas and Michael will post examples of the cross-sectoral mathematical schemes hat are most relevant to quantitative finance in the near future here. Compilations of chapters of their book "A Workout in Computational Finance", to be released begin Jul-13.