If You Are A Quant Developer, You Can Build Your Risk Management Platform Quickly

There are many tactics to build an individual risk management platforms.

We offer an approach that I would call co-evolution - where we both take the difficult parts and exploit generic technologies. We both know it is worth doing the hard work - we as technology provider, you as solution maker and integrator.

The UnRisk platform enables you to

Analyse nested groups of financial instruments across nested groups of scenarios with a broad coverage of instruments, models and methods with a multi-method VaR Universe as an instance of such analysis, applying the UnRisk FACTORY immediately.

Co-build new deal types and functions in a high-level domain specific language in UnRisk-Q, analyze and aggregate the massive output the FACTORY calculates untiringly, accessing it from UnRisk-Q, with its near-instant mathematical, statistical schemes, dynamic visualization .. yourself or with us - we develop parts of UnRisk in UnRisk.

Co-create your advanced automated risk management processes atop UnRisk know-how packages.

Co-evolute your integrated - networked or SaaS - financial services platform with the UnRiskverse that contains webUnRisk, if yo want to SaaS.

We both know there are still uncertainties and difficulties ahead. In search of resilience we believe in partnering and networking and backups in models and methodologies.

Ask us for he right package.