Let's Continue With Retooling ...

About four years ago I wrote my first post here - introducing the UnRiskverse and our evolutionary approach. I started with an instant layout and an eye-popping design and it took some time to decide for the result you see here - less is more.

For the UnRisk pages we decided for a content management system that enables us to make information changes quickly - and this is the most important part of our information policy.

We have developed our products bottom up, documentation is online and in our exploration part we explain hwo to get most out of the products quickly.

But we always emphasized on our deliveries to customers and the one-to-one marketing approach.

Four years ago we established the UnRisk Academy and two years ago we unleashed the programming power behind UnRisk.

2012 we disrupted ourselves and started the reinvention of UnRisk. This year we started our quantsourcing initiative offering new packages of solutions and development systems in one.

We live in a time of rapid changes and no person or business can be protected from the onslaught of new technologies and media. That includes UnRisk. It's time to blow some other stuff up. In the months ahead, we will refocus the blog posts - more mathematical content, we will revamp our web site, refresh its exploration part and rethink te presentation concept of the UnRisk academy presenting interactive pieces for explorative learning.

Lucky again that we have technologies that support us with doing exactly this - the document centered approach - documents that are programs, web front-ends, a FACTORY that is a SaaS ...