Job Satisfaction Matters

The other day when I wrote my recent post A Brand Promise I thought, I, as You, spend more time at work then any other single activity. Does it make me happy?

Today, I read about job satisfaction in Michael Haytt's blog. Three components: passion, competence and a market.

Yes, I am passionate about quant finance and future technologies. I cannot assess my own competence, but having a market is the most exciting thing. And this is the link to the previous post, where I wrote a few thoughts about its outside picture.

But it has also an inside view that influences our

Team behavior

Drive an innovation culture but with a drive to success
Push for perfection without overdoing
Listen to focus groups and customers but don't being a slave to each need
Keep things open and transparent - co-operation the innovation driver

Promotion-focissed or prevention-focussed?

In my personal role a business developer, I am socialized to promote more than to prevent and I am most happy that the core team are also promotion-focused people. I lose steam without feed back, but I like to consider lots of alternatives if I get some ...

Summarizing, it is my strong believe, that a job as many other things is satisfactory if you find the  optimal risk - work so promition-focussed that you have fun and so preventive that your "business" stays alive.