Quantsourcing - Quants as Innovation Partners

Our business model? There are many strategy and management advises on how-to-making-a-company-great. With rules that could be summarized to better-not-cheaper, revenue-before-cost ... I partially disagree ....

They assume that there is something, like a competitive advantage through brand, style or reliability, ... but sometimes a whole sector needs to work hard to explain a paradigm shift enabled by an innovation.
In markets, where the the position on the value/cost map is secondary.

In such situations co-evolutions and co-creating are keys. To answer the most vexing innovation questions in quantitative finance the quants are the partners of choice. So is just obvious that we want to create a model that goes beyond make-or-buy.

Arm your competition? 

Think of a steel company that has an engineering and contracting division that erects, revamps, modernizes, ... steel plants - they create or strengthen competitors. Isn't this crazy?

Quants have become a fixed institution in financial organizations. They are energized by motivations such as learning and innovating. But often their work day are filled with plumbing, low level programming, ...

We believe in quant-powered innovation on a much higher level. To take advantage from it, we strive for open innovation.

With UnRisk-Q we have unleashed the programming power behind UnRisk. The approach: collaboration. We do not restrict to "complementors" providing access to some functions, but protecting our assets. We want to encourage innovative solutions to quants' problems with our core technologies. Our UnRisk FACTORY is made with UnRisk-Q.

The pricing paradox 

Usually a development license is significantly more than a solution. It is reverse with UnRisk. UnRisk-Q can be purchased for a fraction of UnRisk solutions. Thus it is independent of the value/cost map - it is a commitment. Not free, because it is fully maintained and develops quickly itself. But better and cheaper.

We want to partner with the innovation catalysts - quants.

Is this luxury?

No. We are a comparatively small outfit. We are and will remain independent and do things where we are really good at. Mathematical finance + SW engineering. We built an enterprise without "border".