A Visit From The Methodology Police

Another post from the Eight to Late Blog, I want to share with you. Remember  A Blog I Read.

It again refers to the wide misunderstanding that a given methodology improves the chances for success. It does not in problem solving, not in engineering, not in project management and not in marketing. And not in financial valuation and risk management.

From which angle you look at it - the best approach is multi-strategy, multi-model and multi-method.
If you expect the unexpected, but also want to learn from the turbulences it is indispensable.

I hope regulators and auditors will recognize this and not act as methodology police.


And we will not pander. If market participants want "shortcuts" to one-size-fits-all solutions, we are not in a hurry - instead of working on easy sell solutions, we make extraordinary work for those who care.

Like the passionate small financial organizations who want to start a new quantitative approach, demand to perform better and different, thrive by an innovative spiral, require a transparent technology partnership .. and to not have pages on policies and procedures.